Nathan Hofeling, Marketing and Admissions Director
Office: 435-586-2500
Cell: 435-233-8735

Havenwood Academy is a residential treatment center in Cedar City, Utah for girls  ages 12 to 18.  We operate a Positive Peer Culture system that creates an environment where students build relationships with our therapists, staff and other students that are based on trust and unconditional love. Students find the safety they need to appropriately and effectively deal with the difficult issues impeding their growth and development. Havenwood Academy provides a wide range of therapies custom designed for each student including individual, family, group, experiential and the formal and informal therapy embedded within the Positive Peer Culture.

Other program components include equine therapy using the EGALA model;  outdoor activities in the nearby National Parks which allows teens to connect with a deeper part of themselves, escape normal daily distractions and find peace, and a full range of accredited educational, remedial and career services.

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