The Heritage Community is a residential treatment campus hosting 2 specialized programs for youth aged 7th grade through 17.5 years. The Elevate Academy strives to Engage and Empower students with mood and anxiety disorders, trauma or attachment issues, substance abuse, opposition and defiance in their unique boys program and girls program. The Spark Academy serves autism spectrum or neurodivergent students through a skills based program beginning with regulation skills, moving to executive functioning skills, and then emphasizing transition skills.

Located on 19 acres at the base of the mountains in Provo, Utah,  the power of the Heritage Community is the benefit of campus-wide activities bringing students together for social experiences like athletics, performing arts or school dances where they develop and practice skills for normalized teen experiences.

Kieran Reilly
Elevate Academy Admissions and Outreach Director

Alaina Chatterley
Spark Academy Admissions and Outreach Director

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