Welcome to addam

an association of directors of development, admissions and marketing


Who We Are

home-smiling-girlThe Association of Directors of Development, Admissions, and Marketing (ADDAM) is a group of professionals in the field of child, adolescent, and young adult residential services who are responsible for generating referrals, expanding markets, and creating new business opportunities for their organizations. Our members represent both private for-profit and not-for-profit agencies providing a wide array of youth services throughout the United States. Since its inception in 1996, ADDAM members from across the country have networked to exchange referrals and share their experience and knowledge relating to admissions, marketing, and business development.

Our Vision

“To serve as a network of admissions, marketing, and business development professionals in the field of child and adolescent residential services dedicated to the support of its membership by sharing mutually beneficial information, recognizing each other as potential referral sources, and affecting positive changes in our industry.”


Our Mission

“To continually improve our ability to mutually support and benefit our colleagues, our customers, our clients, and our companies.”

A Couple Examples of Our Excellent Programs:

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We help struggling teen boys between the ages of 14-17 overcome hardship and reframe their adversity into an experience that will serve them to become great. Our therapeutic boarding school is designed to help each individual overcome resistance to change, establish…

Boulder Creek Academy

Founded in 1993, Boulder Creek Academy remains a trusted name among therapeutic boarding schools. Serving ages 13 through 18, we weave our coeducational and fully accredited academics into a relationship-based therapy program that welcomes struggling students. This program addresses areas…