Student Inquiry Tool

Access a spectrum of residential programs with one click. A Special Education Professional can access many programs in a few minutes and identify residential schools and treatment centers that can meet their student’s clinical, funding and admissions criteria.

How it works:

  • A Special Education Professional completes the simple form below.
  • An addam Administrator sends information out to our more than 25 strong and growing membership. Any member school or program that feels they can meet the criteria and is a good fit for your student will respond to addam Administrator.*
  • The addam Administrator generates a list of schools/programs and relevant contact people for Special Education Professional.
  • Special Education Professional will be emailed a list of “matched” residential programs and contact details via email.


  • Free
  • Efficient and effective
  • Access to a growing network of RTCs and key contacts within.
  • Remain anonymous to member programs until you make contact.

For any questions or comments please contact Cynthia Hartz at

*a “match” does not guarantee admission. It identifies programs that are a likely fit.
Student Inquiry Form

Special Educational Professional Contact Information

(to only be seen by addam administrator) Please do not include name of child/client or date of birth.

Student Information

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Disclaimer: ADDAM is an association of member programs that provide residential and educational services. ADDAM does not evaluate or endorse the services of any member programs.