Ascend Healthcare is a 6-bed residential treatment center for adolescents located in Los Angeles, CA. This dual-diagnosis program treats standalone mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders. Our all-inclusive 45-90 day program utilizes highly individualized treatment programs offering CBT, DBT, mindfulness training, EMDR and other trauma treatments, and a wide variety of experiential therapies. Weekly family therapy is a requirement, and multi-family group therapy as well as sibling support groups are offered on weekends.

School is included daily on-site, and Ascend’s ABA-trained, master’s level behavioral educational specialist liaises directly with the child’s school to get the work they need to complete to remain current or to catch back up. We help teens learn how to emotionally-self regulate in a healthy manner so that they can once again return to living in a happy, healthy, and harmonious home environment.

Seamus McKeon
Director of Admissions & Outreach
1(800) 646-1202

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