Continuing a century of tradition, the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School, is located in Chicago, near the University of Chicago campus. The school remains committed to providing the highest quality of intensive therapeutic milieu for children and adolescents (Ages 5 to 21), struggling with severe emotional challenges and/ or high functioning Autism Disorder.

The Success of the Orthogenic School is found in the balance between being a supportive residential intervention while being a strong academic program. A standout among residential treatment centers, the School provides departmentalized and college preparatory classes for high school, junior high, and elementary students, as well as a well functioning residential milieu that promotes individual autonomy at the same time promoting a sense of community. Working in collaboration with our families, we offer a safe haven and path to hope as the students move toward a happy, productive, independent young adults.
Kristin Friesen, LCSW
Director of Admissions
Ph: 773-420-2891

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